During the spring, there should be a must-visit to our new find at BARANTI. Unaware of the beauties of the Spring, a visit to Baranti during springtime provides every visitor a view of Palash. Nature’s beautiful crimson palate seems to come alive here in this little tribal village of Baranti. Baranti is a small, quiet, and scenic place. It is a place where one can take a break from drudgery and daily monotony and simply rejuvenate one’s mind and soul. The picturesque landscape of Baranti consists of undulating hills, a freshwater lake, and greenery all around. The stand-till water of the Baranti lake looks like a large blue-tinted glass mirror reflecting the vast expanse of sky over it. The view of the sunset around the lake is breathtaking. Travelers can experience a variety of historical sites and eco-tourism which consists of places like Garpanchkot, Maithon Dam, Panchet Dam, Kalyaneshwaei temple, Ayodhya Hill, Biharinath Hill, Susunia Hill, and Pakhi Pahar by staying at Baranti. It is the perfect place to get closer to nature.

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