The farmhouse in KRISHNANAGAR just 130kms away from Kolkata in Nadia is a perfect weekend gateway for nature lovers. The zamindari farmhouse has spacious rooms along with a beautiful verandah which witnesses the real beauty of nature. The place provides the real essence of mother nature. In the morning, the first sunlight on the paddy fields, the fields swaying the winds, and the chirping of the birds will make your start refreshed. Guests can enjoy local village walk and the most delicious delicacies of Bengal prepared from the veggies and fruits which the villagers grow here organically. The starry sky and the beautiful full moon night can be a cherry on the top. During monsoon, the beauty of rainfall, the pious music of each drop touching the soul of mother earth, touching the body of trees is an innocent touch to someone’s heart. Overall the real Beauty resides in every particle of the farmhouse.

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