The boutique resort near Shantiniketan is immersed in incredible natural beauty, set under a mixed canopy of mango, teak, mahogany, neem, and jack fruit trees. The place provides the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones to relax and reinvigorate; reawaken in a place where time stands still. The stay includes access to a small library and a multi-activity adda zone. At the request of guests, we love to invite local Baul maestros for a cultural evening. The simple and authentic Bengali dishes inspired by the tradition and passion of centuries-old home-cooking are served on terracotta plates, bowls, and banana leaves. So, whether you desire meditation in a quiet space away from the kids, relaxation with a romantic stroll around the garden and afternoon tea, or diversion with an impromptu movie night in our glasshouse, we strive to provide you the home-like feel with the luxury at its best.

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